Unique formulation for PROLONGED circulation1

The ONIVYDE® liposome is designed to protect irinotecan from EARLY CONVERSION to SN-385

  • Irinotecan is converted to the active metabolite SN-38 by carboxylesterases
  • ONIVYDE® consists of a lipid bilayer vesicle, or liposome, that encapsulates irinotecan in an aqueous space1

See the ONIVYDE® liposome in action

The ONIVYDE® liposome is designed to PROLONG THE CIRCULATION OF IRINOTECAN before conversion to its active form1

  • The half-life (t1/2) of total irinotecan following administration of ONIVYDE® 70 mg/m2 is 25.8 hours1
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95% of irinotecan remains contained within the liposome during circulation.1

- The ratio between total and encapsulated forms did not change from 0 to 169.5 hours post-dose1

Intratumoral exposure at a lower dose1

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In mice bearing human tumor xenografts, ONIVYDE® achieved similar intratumoral exposure at a 5-fold lower dose of irinotecan hydrochloride.1