The support to fight on

The IPSEN CARES® staff is fully dedicated to:
  • Facilitating eligible* patients’ access to the Ipsen medications that are important to their care
  • Providing information and support for the interactions between your office, the patient, and the insurance company
IPSEN CARES® provides a single point of contact for you, your staff, & your patients

IPSEN CARES® support

  • Benefits Verification—verifies patients' coverage, restrictions (if applicable), and copayment/coinsurance amounts
  • Prior Authorization (PA) Information and Appeals Information—provides information on required documentation for PA appeals processes, and recommendations for next steps based on payer policy
  • Copayment Assistance for Eligible Patients—facilitates eligibility determination and provides information about the copay assistance program. This could include referrals to the commercial copay program or to an independent nonprofit organization, as applicable
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Determination—determines patients' eligibility for PAP and dispenses free product to eligible patients
  • Referrals to Specialty Pharmacy Network—provides information on potential in-network specialty pharmacy options based on insurance requirements and triage referrals. We follow up within 24 business hours after referral is triaged to confirm receipt and shipment date
  • Billing & Coding Assistance—provides assistance with billing & coding questions to those calling the IPSEN CARES® program
  • Communication With Providers and Patients—conducts calls to both healthcare providers and patients with status updates about patients’ IPSEN CARES® enrollment, benefits verification results, coverage status, dispense date, etc
  • Adherence Programs—assist patients to stay on therapy
Eligible patients can enroll by calling (866) 435-5677 between 8:00am and 8:00pm ET Monday through Friday.
*Please see eligibility rules and terms and conditions at IPSENCARES.COM.